Chic Peak. Take Care.

Swine Design?

The tradition of a “charrette” has a long history in the Industrial Design department at the University of the Arts. Charrette is the coming together of sophomores, juniors, seniors and masters students for a three-day collabortive design marathon. Each fall, the ID department suspends classes and divides the student population into groups, each consisting of equal members from all grade levels to form design teams.

A theme or “design challenge,” formed by faculty, is presented the first morning of charrette and is often relevant to a current topic or issue in society of that present time. Students are asked to research & respond to this topic and ultimately create & present their final solution through research, sketches, models, visual presentations, videos, and photographs.

The theme of charrette at the University of the Arts in 2009 was “Swine Design.” In the midst of flu season, this topic is extremely relevent and real. Each of the groups were assigned different topics to follow under the theme of “swine flu.”  The topic were were assigned to tackle was transportation. The question to be addressed is how might “design” play a role in keeping passenger safe transportation?


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